I can work with you to edit, restructure and perfect your content to ensure your messages are getting across.

Send the right messages about your business with professional, polished writing. I can improve the overall quality of your documents, ensuring consistency of language and fluency of your messages.

My editing services will ensure the tone and style of your documents are audience appropriate, taking into account the purpose and intended channel for your communications.

I have worked with clients to edit, rework or completely restructure large reports that communicate complex messages clearly and simply.

Achieve a finished product that’s…

  • clear, concise and persuasive
  • grammatically correct
  • devoid of jargon and clichés
  • logically structured
  • rich, relevant and authoritative
  • channel appropriate
  • fresh, topical and interesting to read

Whether you require one-off assistance with a large project or would like your content reviewed and reworked on a regular basis, get in touch with me today.